All the Purite products primarily have therapeutic properties, as we do not focus only on providing cosmetic care. This means that the unique formulas are composed so as to provide relief and treatment for various skin problems, as well as to maintain and restore optimal health to the skin. We make use of the special properties of herbs, minerals, plant oils and the highest class of essential oils – this is all that is needed to provide the best care for even the most problematic of skins.

The philosophy of elimination.

The first step in natural therapy is the elimination of harmful substances, which are abundant in chemical cleaning products, food and popular cosmetics. The largest threat comes in the form of the accumulation of toxic substances during the use of various products simultaneously. Purite uses only natural ingredients, limiting the influence of pathogenic substances on the body. Everything we put onto our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream within an astonishing 28 seconds, while in the case of cracked and dry skin this time is even shorter. Our cosmetics are safe not only for the skin but for the entire body into which they are absorbed.

Herbal distillates and macerates.

Our herbal distillates and macerates are created within the Purite laboratory, and they form the base for the production of our cosmetics. The herbal distillates are full of active substances: plant hormones and enzymes, vitamins and minerals. The macerates are plant extracts containing various bioactive substances. The production process requires time, manual labour, precision and care. It is very dynamic and frequently takes place independently of human involvement. Herbal distillates and macerates are an ideal substitute for water, which does not have any therapeutic properties when it is present within cosmetic products.

Oleums – cosmetics suited for special tasks.

Our oleums are our flagship product. They come in the form of salves that blend the medicinal properties of ecologically acquired herbs with the subtlety and cosmetic care provided by natural butters and oils. The first oleum – made from marigold – was produced to meet the needs of a patient after radiation therapy suffering from extensive skin burns. Marigold, one of the most universal medicinal herbs that accelerates the healing process, was supplemented with such substances as sea buckthorn oil, which alleviates inflammations and pain. All of the active ingredients are suspended in Shea butter, which itself has a positive effect on the skin. As a result, this product accelerates the healing process, soothes irritations, eradicates roughness of the skin, as well as moisturizing and softening the skin’s surface. Yet another oleum in our collection, focused on maintaining healthy vessels, works to eliminate spider veins on the skin of the face or legs, reduces irritations and redness, as well as alleviating itching and burning sensations. Its active ingredients include substances from the chestnut tree, the rue, marigold and yellow sweet clover suspended in the very beneficial argan and coriander seed oils.